Mark Cosgrove, Watershed Cinema Curator
Monthly podcast with upcoming Watershed highlights

March 2018 Watershed Podcast

At the start of Filmic 2018 – Watershed's annual exploration of the creative connections between film and music – this months podcast looks at some of the films coming up and the central role that music plays in film.

Mark Cosgrove, Watershed Cinema Curator, and film journalist Sean Wilson discuss the essence of a good film score and how, citing examples of classic collaborations between directors and composers, music can enhance the emotional truth of a film.

They also look forward to this month's season of suspense themed Sunday brunches and two live orchestra and screening performances of masterful scores with Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark at Colston Hall.

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February 2018 Watershed Podcast

This month's season of films on 35mm film, from director Paul Thomas Anderson, leads Watershed cinema curator Mark Cosgrove to reflect on his own personal experiences of the film industry.

As a film studies graduate in the 1980s his passion for film was not matched by any knowledge of how a film actually gets in to the cinema. Mark discusses both this fundamental naivety and the huge impact digital has had in recent years on the industry and looks forward to celebrating the work of director, and celluloid champion, Paul Thomas Anderson on 35mm through the coming month.

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