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12 Days

An Art and ICT collaborative web project from 2000 showcasing the art work of children from one secondary, one junior, one infant and five primary schools in South Bristol. 

Using the traditional song The Twelve Days of Christmas as their inspiration, the pupils created twelve days of web art that combined digital artworks, paintings, illustrations, sculpture and animations.

On each day between December 26th 2000 and January 6th 2001, a new piece of artwork became available, one for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The 12 Days Project was a unique Art and ICT collaborative project which introduced 15 teachers and over 400 pupils to web art and which explored the educational possibilities of the web as an artistic medium.

The initial stage involved guided research to explore artwork that had been designed to use the web's distinct characteristics as an artistic medium. Teachers were then able to plan and explain concepts for the web art that their pupils were to produce.

During the Summer term the schools created art resources for their chosen theme from the Twelve Days of Christmas. In the Autumn term, the teachers had training on web building and digital production techniques. The resources were then digitised and the concepts realised to form

Ended in December 2000

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