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Electric Pavilion

An online collection from 2005 that presents Bristol’s artistic talent in, amongst other things, music, photography, illustration and fine art.

Electric Pavilion was part of Creative Bristol, a city-wide cultural event that took place throughout 2005.

It was conceived along the lines of a traditional Pavilion – a large architectural structure which would have been created to house many rooms with exhibits for example at World Fairs. In the digital age this pavilion is now virtual with online rooms thematically presenting aspects of a city’s artistic output.

Electric Pavilion was divided into five virtual ‘rooms’ - urban, tranquil, campus, commercial and roots – each offering a different perspective on Bristol, a multi-faceted city. It was created through a combination of mixed and new media commissions and research into key Bristol cultural venues.

Many of the exhibits look back on the wealth of Bristol’s recent cultural history – for example, The Dug Out, a legendary music club in the 1970s and 80s and a key influence in the development of the ‘Bristol Sound’. Others, such as Mr_Hopkinson’s Online Interactive Video Sample Orchestra, looked at new ways of engaging audiences with digital technology.

Take a virtual trip through the Electric Pavilion to get a feel for the energy and ideas of one of the UK’s most creative cities.

Ended in September 2005

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