Still from Lewis' film from Include


Include is an enchanting collection of images made by young people excluded from mainstream education using light and a camera.

The content of the workshops originated from artist Ralph Juergen Colmar's Summer Residency project at Watershed in 1998. Ralph was making site specific narratives, sketching and drawing with light to create a cinematic journey into the environment around him. These processes were used in a series of experimental photography workshops with young people from INCLUDE which began in April 1999.

The workshops encouraged young people without previous technical experience to draw and write using torch light and a camera. Iimages were made using colour film and the negatives were then mounted and projected, with a sound track, to produce a multimedia presentation. Young people were responsible for production of images, editing and sequencing of slides. Results of each workshop were viewed by participants, group leaders and funders in the Cinema.

A further series of workshops in May 2000 produced a web site using images from the photography workshops. The aim was to raise the profile of creative work made by young people excluded from mainstream education by publishing online in order to reach a wider audience.

The project was funded by Learning Partnership West and Halifax plc.

Ended in August 1998