Two older black women, one looking into the camera

Our Century

Joff Winterhart and Tom Stubbs worked with 28 older people around Bristol to time-travel through living memory.

We've all had experiences of school, love, work, food and dance in the context of our lives in modern Bristol. But in the not so distant past these things were very different: school life was stricter, shops shut on Sundays and food was bland. Our Century takes us to a different world, one we might not recognise, but one that played out on these very same streets.

These 28 older people from around Bristol agreed to meet with Joff Winterhart, illustrator, and Tom Stubbs, filmmaker, to create a document of their lives using a unique interviewing technique. Tom filmed the stories whilst Joff simultaneously drew key moments; what emerged is a film that is both poignant, incisive and often riotous!

Our Century from biggerhouse film on Vimeo.

The film was presented as part of Bristol's Celebrating Age Festival in June 2013, screened at Watershed, Bristol City Hall and on the Millenium Square Big Screen.

Joff Winterhart is an illustrator and filmmaker. His debut graphic novel Days of the Bagnold Summer was nominated for a Costa Book Award in 2012.

Tom Stubbs is an award winning filmmaker and one half of Biggerhouse Films. Biggerhouse create warm human stories and person-centered films that engage, inspire and entertain; whether they are dramas, documentaries or animations their collaborators are always supported and empowered.

Our Century was funded by Bristol City Council’s Creative Seed Fund and made with support from the Knowle West Media Centre and Watershed, with help from LinkAge.

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Ended in June 2013