Emergent projection still

The Emergent City

An exploration of the developing artistic practice of Stanza, recipient of the 5th Clark Bursary UK Digital Art Award.

Stanza’s aim with The Emergent City was to focus on the creative potential of technology integrated seamlessly into urban space. Imagine a space in which every action, memory, thought and feeling has a connection to every other action: where all data in the system seamlessly integrates with all others. This place exists – it’s inside our heads and the emergent metaphor of the brain has many similarities with the emergent connectivity of the city.

From this concept, Stanza’s research followed a number of threads and the residency produced a range of possibilities which resulted in Datacity, Robotica, Memory Mapping and Global. All of these are viewable on the Clarks Bursary website alongside Stanza’s Emergent City research journal.

Stanza is a London based British artist who specialises in net art, multimedia, and electronic sounds. His award winning online projects have been invited for exhibition in digital festivals around the world. Stanza travels extensively to present his net art, lecturing and giving performances of his audiovisual interactions.

“Stanza may well be the Picasso of the internet. Time will tell...”
Mark Cosgrove, Head of Programme, Watershed

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Ended in August 2005

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