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A multimedia installation and website from 1998 exploring peoples’ experiences of and emotional responses to flying.

Wingwalkers was an interactive art installation made by Rebecca Goddard and Michelle Henning which premiered at Watershed in 1998 and ran as a virtual installation throughout the following  year. The artists collected visitors experiences of aeroplanes as a basis for sculpture, interactive computer projections, music, sound and text.

Although aeroplanes and air travel have existed for most of the Twentieth Century, the experiences associated with them are still extraordinary, provoking wonder, fear or exhilaration. These stories may relate to holidaying on planes, business trips, fear of flying, being a pilot, experience of war, migrating, working as an air-steward, building aeroplanes, making and flying models and full-size planes or even wingwalking.

Wingwalkers was the outcome of the first Clark Bursary, an innovative award that provided support for artists to develop their creative practice in digital media. The focus was squarely on development and artists were tasked with engaging the public throughout the process as artists Rebecca Goddard and Michelle Henning did very successfully with Wingwalkers.

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Ended in October 1998

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