Lunchtime Talk
Fri 9 Mar 2018 13:00

New design tools, for a new Robotic Industry

David McGoran has led Rusty Squid for 6 years, testing & refining a unique ecosystem of tools & platforms to pioneer a new creative robotic industry. Join us as we hear about his surprise successes & spectacular failures.


co-founder and artistic director of Rusty Squid

David McGoran

David is a co-founder and artistic director of Rusty Squid

VENUE CHANGE: CINEMA THREE, WATERSHED (not in the Studio as usual)
Over the last 6 years, David has been leading Rusty Squid: A studio for experimental robotic art and design, predominantly working within the contemporary arts.

Their small team of Robotic engineers, experience designers and contemporary artists have been hijacking robotic technology and applying it to the creative industries. 

“Sometimes we feel we are witnessing the birth of an entirely new creative industry.”

Robotics is hard:  Managing the integration of kinetic and sensing technology with complex behaviour and intelligent systems is challenging enough in itself. Attempting to also ground the work in clear design thinking and holding it accountable to an artistic vision is extremely ambitious.

Through spectacular failures, surprising successes and heard learnt lessons the Squids have had to go back to first principles and take a serious look at the tools and processes we were using.

“We now accept that if we wish to pioneer a fundamentally new industry we must change how we fundamentally work. To do this we need fundamentally new tools.”

Over the course of more than 25 projects, Rusty Squid has been testing and evolving a unique ecosystem of tools and platforms. These not only more effectively integrate their team of engineers, designers and artists, but they liberate the team’s creative potential while working efficiently to tight deadlines and budgets.

“We suspect that sometime in the next 20 years a company will emerge on a similar scale to PIXAR or Disney that uses robotic technology as its creative medium. This may not only be one of the largest industries of this century, but it will be a civilisation defining moment in history.

 It will be the Robotic Studios that invest in, test and refine a new set of tools and design process that will flourish this century.”

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