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The Caligari Experience

Compass Presents

The Caligari Experience is a Gothic re-staging of a haunting piece of 20th Century German Expressionism, presenting an immersive screening of horror film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

The Caligari Experience

The Caligari Experience

Made by

Founder & director of Compass Presents, creators of expanded cinema

Tara Sachdeva

Founder and director of Compass Presents, inspired by the immersive power of moving image and the spine-tingle of live performance
Charlie Harman

Charlie Harman

Charlie Harman is the Marketing Manager for Calvium, a previously Studio-based company that enables people to build exciting mobile applications based on sensors and context.

The Caligari Experience is a theatrical production by Compass Presents (Studio Residents Tara Sachdeva and Charlie Harman) that presents an immersive screening of the Gothic horror film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, a German Expressionist classic of the silent era.

The film is presented across three screens complimented by a 3D projection-mapped set through which the scenes of the film are animated, extended and brought out-of-the-screen to life in the space. An ensemble cast of internationally-acclaimed circus performers, dancers, physical artists, and aerialists perform in this 3D environment, further bringing the film to life through dance, physical theatre and circus performance.

Weaving together all of these visual elements is the atmospheric soundscape of Minima’s avant-garde live score.

The Caligari Experience Teaser Trailer from Compass Presents on Vimeo.

The Caligari Experience - Making Of & Moving Forward from Compass Presents on Vimeo.

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