Ergo Sum

Sleight of Hand

A multi-sensory event combining live performance with illusory technology, exploring neurodiversity and the kaleidoscopic nature of human experience.

Man standing in front of a whiteboard, with stars moving outwards

R&D May 2017: Joel's whiteboard (photo by Thomas Buttery)

Made by

Ellie Chadwick

Ellie Chadwick

Theatre director, writer, & producer experimenting with live performance & technologies. Currently developing multi-sensory experiences 'Ergo Sum', 'Crusade', & 'On The Streets'. Research Fellow at Bristol University.
Aaron Hussain

Aaron Hussain

Aaron is a freelance photographer, creative practitioner with Sleight of Hand, and co-director of Avalon International Academy. He works on various creative and educational projects in the UK, Europe, and Asia.

Ergo Sum is an immersive experience combining live performance with illusory, multi-sensory technology, exploring neurodiversity, mental health, and the kaleidoscopic nature of human experience. Through auditory, visual, and tactile illusions created using binaural sound, projection mapping (from Limbic Cinema), and haptic technology, the piece immerses audience members in the minds of the characters, allowing them to experience the world in multiple different ways. 

Ergo Sum is conceived by Ellie Chadwick and developed via R&D at Theatre Delicatessen, Warwick University, and the Barbican Guildhall (via their Open Labs scheme).

For more information please email, or chat to Ellie or Aaron in the Studio.

For a gallery of photos from our 2017 R&D, click here!

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