Ellie is a theatre director/producer, writer, and academic whose research focuses on exploring the roots of theatre and narrative, examining a language of performance that actively engages audiences through genre-defying, multi-faceted and flexible styles of storytelling. She is a postdoctoral associate at the University of Warwick, having completed her PhD with the Theatre Studies department, and teaches undergraduate units and workshops on directorial technique, theatre and science, and immersive theatre practice.

Ellie is interested in interdisciplinarity (especially across the perceived boundary between arts and sciences), digital technologies, and cross-cultural dialogue. In 2016 she launched an annual intercultural exchange programme in Bali with Avalon International Academy, and often gives talks and workshops on universal storytelling, archetype, and the use of technology in live performance in the UK and Europe.

At PM studio Ellie is focused mainly on developing multi-sensory theatre experience Ergo Sum with Sleight of Hand. The project has been in development since 2015, and combines live performance with visual, audio and tactile technologies, exploring neurodiversity and the kaleidoscopic nature of human experience. Using a combination of binaural sound, projection mapping, and live performance, the work seeks to put audience members "inside the heads" of characters experiencing schizophrenia, PTSD, and autistic sensory overload, encouraging empathy and understanding.

Ellie has previously produced/directed plays and immersive festival events for National Trust, Tristan Bates, Minack, Albany Theatre, Exeter Northcott and other venues. In 2017 she produced the world premier of Lynette Linton's Hashtag Lightie for the Arcola Theatre with Team Angelica, and worked with StoneCrabs Theatre Company to programme and oversee practical workshops for their annual Young Directors Training Scheme, and mentor participants in the programme. 

In 2018 Ellie worked as Impact Officer on the Mask and Avatar project at The University of Warwick. The work is part of a larger research project undertaken by Labex and Université Paris 8 entitled La scène augmenté (The Augmented Stage), focusing on the development and presentation of theatre and performance in and through digital technologies, with the participation of academic and industry partners. Mask and Avatar takes this research into a specific engagement with the Perception Neuron motion capture system – an accessible, geo-spatial (non-camera-based) system. The project involves collaboration between computer engineers, software programmers, digital designers and theatre makers; and interaction between avatars and masked actors, bringing together old and new technologies of corporeal representation.

Still in an embryonic stage, Ellie is also working on new piece 'Crusade' with Sleight of Hand: a theatrical exploration of racial intolerance and inter-religious conflict, to be developed in collaboration with Odin Teatret’s Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.


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