Ingigo Babies is a graphic novel which follows the story of a group of youngsters in Bristol, aka the Purple City. It has recently been published by creative youth network and UWE research partners, South Blessed. The project emerged out of the AHRC and EPSRC funded Creative Citizens research project, involving the DCRC, looking into how people involved in everyday informal, creative activities add value to their communities.

The Indigo Babies story is the creation of South Blessed founder, Vince Baidoo, a 25-year old transmedia producer and budding social entrepreneur, who has built an impressive online platform for young creative talent in the South West. Vince worked with renowned Bristol street artist Wei Ong, aka Silent Hobo, to create a richly illustrated comic book about a group of tech-savvy, eco-aware and socially enterprising young people aspiring to create a better world.

Vince said, “Indigo Babies is a story of human physical, mental and spiritual evolution... The book's theme is, 'The world is changing, the children have already changed!'”

Professor Jon Dovey, leading the UWE research team, said, “The aim of the research project is to support South Blessed and encourage the group to develop a business plan to help make it more sustainable. The UWE research team is studying how the project generates value and strengthens the network, as a case study of how creative citizenship can help communities become more sustainable.

“The book is available in both print and digital formats, and is being sold by South Blessed to fund future creative production and training for young people.”

The book was released on Friday 16 May 2014.

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