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The Lost Cinemas of Castle Park App

University of the West of England

The Lost Cinemas of Castle Park, is a heritage app that celebrates over 100-years of cinema-going in Bristol city centre, now available from iTunes. The app covers 16 cinemas in and around the park, from the first moving…

The Lost Cinemas of Castle Park App

Made by

Charlotte Crofts at Curzon Cinema Clevedon

Charlotte Crofts

Charlotte Crofts is a creative producer and Associate Professor in Filmmaking in the School of Film and Journalism, Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education at the University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol.

Keiron Gurner

Jo Reid Calvium

The Lost Cinemas of Castle Park App is an audio tour of Castle Park, Bristol's original commercial and leisure district that was destroyed in World War 2, and the surrounding area. The park itself was the site of five cinemas: The Queens, The News Theatre, The Dolphin, The Caslte and The Regent, a giant 2000 seater supercinema which was obliterated in the Blitz. A total of 16 cinemas appear in the app, but - apart from the Watershed - none of these historic cinemas are extant save the Odeon - which presents the challenge of how to bring the invisible history of these buildings to life. We wanted to create a more immersive, cinematic experience and consequently moved away from the text-heavy interface of some apps to focus greater concentration on audio, with pared down images and background map.

Lost Cinemas of Castle Park: App Prototype on the iPhone

The app was developed in collaboration with Kerion Gurner, and grew out of the REACT Heritage Sandbox City Strata knowledge exchange collaboration with Calvium.

The app is available for iPhone/iPad, you can download it here.

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