Imagine a game where the real world is the playing field and you can control and evolve your personal gaming robot to compete against others. At Reach Robotics, we are combing gaming and robotics to make this a reality. The Meka Monsters are controlled via smartphones and respond to their physical environment. The more they are played with, the stronger they become. Their appearance and performance can be customized with physical and virtual add-ons. This will be the play-able, code-able, evolving toy for the new generation.                                                                              

Reach Robotics is a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio, member of the Bristol SETsquared business incubator and operate out of the prestigious Bristol Robotics Laboratory incubation space. The core team is made of 2 mechanical and manufacturing engineers with more than 30 years of combined industry experience, a robotics PHD specialising in AI and machine vision. Silas Adekunle the founder has a 1st class degree in robotics and 4 years of experience in working with young people through robotics and promoting STEM.

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