A future civilization has the ability to travel across the universe. Joanie LeMercier invites you to join them on this journey, starting next to Bristol’s planetarium and venturing into the heart of a black hole and back out. Joanie, who was previously resident in Bristol with collective AntiVJ, creates extraordinary projected light pieces in galleries and public spaces all around the world. 

The fantastic spectacle, projected onto a screen of water drawn from Millenium Square’s pools explores the way technology modifies our perception of the world, moving between the different scales and allowing you to contemplate your place within it. The trip will end as you help create the geometric shapes that link us to the stars.

Millennium Constellations was commissioned for the Layered Realities 5G showcase in March 2018.

The Layered Realities weekend, 5G showcase brings together the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab and Watershed, We The Curious, BT, Nokia, Zeetta, Cambridge Communications Systems, PureLiFi and BiO.