Playable City Award 2016/17

More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities, and how our cities grow, adapt and thrive is becoming the key issue of our age. Yet the focus of future city thinking is often more on Smart policy and technology than Connected people and culture.

At the core of the Playable City programme is an annual award with a global call for entries. Now in its fourth year, the Award has created a slate of projects which capture global imagination with their innovative, engaging and people-led approach to Future Cities:

“Playable city ideas are a human response to the coldness and anonymity of the urban environment. By encouraging activities that bring joy, we can create a happier, more cohesive urban future” The Guardian

Playable City Award projects are developed and tested in Bristol, UK and go on to reach tens of thousands of people in cities across the world. They act as a catalyst for conversations on connected objects, surveillance, public permission, the city as innovation platform, personal mobility and more.

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