Sophie Bullock and Anna Horton make up One Five West. They set out to explore ways of taking their work into public spaces, to create playful and collaborative experiences for people.

They began their residency by making experiences using their 'Larks' - objects brimming with personality that they developed at MadLab, Manchester, during an Arts+Tech accelorator programme. These objects are activated through movement, sound and touch to create light and sound elements. They can be hooked, stuck or strapped onto street furniture, to transform cities into places of play.

During their time at the Studio their explorations moved beyond working with the Larks, as their experiments led them to discover an interest in city architecture and specifically elements of architecture that say 'no'. They began to look at ways of reappropriating, subverting or beginning conversations around these elements.

The residency has cemented their desire to work across disciplines, with particular focus on architecture and public planning. They're now actively beginning to engage with people who influence how public space is designed, in order to make work that’s usable to the public, and create social spaces that feel more inclusive.

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