The next seismic shift in visual technologies will be to 3D. The first three technologies (photographs, moving images, colour images) all precipitated a huge explosion of original and creative experimentation. The ability to produce realistic 3D experiences in a variety of settings will lead to another explosion of creativity.

In 2009 iShed and AntiVJ (projection experts whose 3D mapping technology is already in use in exhibitions and installations across Europe),  completed a Technology Strategy Board Feasibility Study Grant to produce a working software tool-set that can;

a) identify and track a face in 3D using a conventional digital camera

b) calculate the corresponding viewing angle to the 3D scene, and

c) generate stereoscopic images appropriate to the viewing perspective in real time.

A demonstration installation was shown in Watershed, creating a realistic 3D experience - as viewers moved around in front of the screen, the projected image moved to provide a realistic experience.