Alec Stevens and Nicola Hogg  are working in the Studio to develop an 'experience' using mobile phone technology, storytelling and sculpture, creating a city-wide experience that reveals stories as the user makes their way through the city.

The first 'experience' takes place in Bristol, a city with many visual clues to its past, especially centered around the St Nicholas market area and Harbourside of Bristol.

This first instalment focusses on the cities rich LGBT+ history, from the sailors who came into port, to the Radnor Hotel where Danny La Rue used to drink after shows at the Hippodrome. No Stone Unturned will work with a writer and through research create a mix of content, audio, written word and visuals that reveal anecdotes, relationships, changes within the city and stories, uncovering secrets of the cities past.

No Stone Unturned was developed as part of Watershed's annual New Talent Residency programme supports ambitious practitioners to develop creative technology projects. We actively support those who are just starting out, changing career direction or looking to return from a career break. With space to work within the Pervasive Media Studio, a community of peers, a project bursary, and support to make, test and discuss work, we help get ideas off the ground.

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