The Tweeture


A social creature, a monster/ robot keen to make friends. This soft, lovable robot is carried around to meet people, lively and hungry for social and digital interaction.

The Tweeture

Made by

Simon Johnson

I’m a game designer specialised in enabling people to play in real, social spaces. I design to amaze, activate and promote understanding. I am a co-director at Free Ice Cream, where we make complex subjects playable.
Simon Evans wearing a wolf headress

Simon Evans

Games are the new cinema, they are breaking free from the console and hitting the streets. These games are a new way of exploring ideas, meeting people and having fun. Hugely social, they are a new entertainment form.
Hazel Grian

Hazel Grian

Hazel is currently working on a "virtual reality opera". Previously she wrote SciFi then made it happen for real. She collaborates with movie makers & technologists on a variety of projects including robots & smell.

Roseanne Wakley

Chris Pirie

Exploring the boundaries between social media and physical interaction, Tweeture embodies digital communication in a robotic toy capable of tweeting its own social narrative. Through an exchange of tweets with the creature, the public enter a childlike play: social barriers dissolve and people connect in tangible, real-life ways.


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