Step into the basement of Croome Court and discover character's from Croome's long history encapsulated within a pair of shoes.

With its centuries of history, Croome resonates with the souls of all those who have trodden, its well-worn floors. With Soul to Sole you encounter them via a series of intricate installations that represent a number of Croome's lesser-known characters from 1970s to the 1980s, alongside the properties favourites.

Creative practitioners from various disciplines have created a multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory installation, telling Croome's fascinating story through the transformation and reinterpretation of a pair of shoes, and the shoe rack in which they are presented.

Soul to Sole was conceived as a way to draw together the stories of multiple protagonists in one place, through a deceptively simple item with which we are all familiar: a pair of shoes. Making use of the shoe rack that was made in 1950 when Croome was a boy's school, this installation hints at the sheer breadth of experience from a multitude of souls who lived in, worked at, or visited this exceptional building.

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