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Studio Artist Residency 2015: Ashley James Brown

In summer 2015, we were joined by creative coder, technologist, sound artist and electronic musician Ashley James Brown as Studio Artist in Residence.

Artist in Residence 2015: Ashley James Brown

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Ashley James Brown

I joined the studio in the summer of 2015 as 'Studio Artist in Residence 2015'. I work with sound, electronics and code to create engaging digital art experiences.

In summer 2015, we were joined by creative coder, technologist, sound artist and electronic musician Ashley James Brown as Studio Artist in Residence.

Taking up residence in Watershed's creative technology research and development space, the Pervasive Media Studio, he sought to explore and expand his own solo creative practice. 

Ashley says: “The relationship between physical forms and digital code is fascinating to me. As information rich environments and machine interfacing rapidly progress, Digital art for me is about combining code and aesthetics with engagement and enjoyment through a physical spatial sense that is more emotive and shared.

Creating interactive objects and environments, hacking and repurposing devices, crafting code and working at the intersection between art, technology and design to uncover and reveal new potential. I have been making audio compositions, games, experiences, data visualisation, exploring contextual awareness, understanding artificial intelligence, working with electronics, pervasive media, mobile applications, challenging data/privacy and crafting beautiful (and not so) objects that make people smile for the past 6 years.

I aim to create playful human experiences with code and electronics.

The residency period is the perfect opportunity to give myself the reflective time and freedom to concentrate on a single idea, surround and immerse myself in a culture and workplace of artistic and creative output whilst challenging myself both technically and conceptually too.”

Ashley regularly shared his progress via a fortnightly blog below and you can follow him on:

@arctic_sunrise | instagram: ashleyjamesbrown

Read Ashley's end of residency review below:

Studio Residencies 2015 is a Watershed programme, made possible by Arts Council England.

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