Trace of Us is a multi-cultural, vibrant and resonant play that has formed out of an ongoing, evolving, durational performance-experiment that started in the 2020 lockdowns online, involves a collective of international women artists, and brings digital and real-life spaces to life in exciting and participatory ways.

The upcoming production (being developed at Kaleider Studios in Exeter and the Arcola Theatre in London) will embody an exuberant collective celebration of Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta, and the wonderful, inspirational work that she made – work that was ahead of its time in both subject and practice: from staging provocative interventions in public space and observing people’s reactions, to her pioneering work in the field of self-portrait as precursor to the 'selfie', to her years-ahead-of-its-time focus on issues connected to environmentalism and sustainability.

Building on an R&D funded by PM Studio's Future Themes grants in 2020, and following on from our hugely successful Tate Lates active installation at the Tate Modern, a collection of in-person work in Bristol, an interactive postal intervention, and an online presence, Sleight of Hand’s multi-media performance will celebrate, evoke, and pay homage to Ana Mendieta’s incredible creativity and life-force by bringing her voice and work to the stage, while shouting about the silencing of women artists by art institutions and the challenges faced by Mendieta as a Latinx woman making work about her body and her identity.

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