Amplified Zines: Positive Spin (2019)

This Amplified Zines workshop was for life long and returnee cyclists aged 55 and over to capture and record their cycling stories in the form of writing, interviews, and artwork, and was held at the University of Bristol. Using conductive ink, participants were able to hear their recordings when they touched the pages of their work. This interactive display was then toured by the Positive Spin team in discussions with policy makers and other stakeholders.

“Working with No Bindings opened up a new way of talking about cycling, one that didn't just focus on discussions around infrastructure and safety. Using conductive ink meant our cyclists could literally connect their stories to a much broader range of issues, ideas and, most importantly for us, feelings about cycling through creative storytelling and art. It made a valuable contribution to our attempts to get local authorities to try to understand cycling and cyclists through a different set of narratives and experiences.”

Prof Martin Hurcombe, Professor of French Studies, University of Bristol

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