Network Producer (Danielle Rose's maternity leave cover)

Cèlia joined the Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio in 2024, and she is responsible for the production of some of the events and experiences  (such as First Fridays) that share the work of Pervasive Media Studio residents with the public as part of wider programming.  As a Network Producer, she is also involved in My World - Strength in Places a project led by the University of Bristol that celebrates the West of England's reputation as an international trailblazer in creative technology and screen-based media.

Before joining the Watershed, Cèlia worked in the Creative Sector - especially in museums - for over 20 years. From curating exhibitions and managing programmes to coordinating partnerships and events, Cèlia specialises in delivering programmes and frameworks that centre people and draw engagement. Cèlia has a knack for strategic thinking and organisational change, thriving in intentional and inclusive partnerships that generate positive impact for all involved. She is passionate about practice-sharing within the sector and connecting businesses, organisations and communities.

In 2020, Cèlia worked as a Consultant and Mentor for the Creative Workforce for the Future a partnership programme coordinated by the Watershed (Pervasive Media Studio). Creative Workforce for the Future developed industry employment practices embracing inclusion and diversity as an asset and nurtured young creative talent from under-represented groups to gain the experience required to sustain a creative career.

Cèlia also brings her experience as a creative practitioner. With two published books under her belt, she is a writer with experience in fiction and non-fiction. She is also an associate at Spike Island where she develops her photographic, (digital) artistic and writing practices.

Reach Cèlia at or Linkedin