a picture of Simone on Troopers Hill in Bristol with a lovely view of houses in the distance

Recently joined

Simone Einfalt

Visual artist and Filmmaker exploring subjective and collective memory in connection to place, identity and belonging

Recently joined

A headshot of Alison who is smiling at the camera.

Alison Farina

Micro-resident on the Watershed MyWorld Ideas programme.
A headshot of Alisha taken from a low angle. They look into the distance beyond the camera.

Alisha Morenike Fisher

Micro-resident within Watershed's MyWorld ideas programme.
A close up shot of Zoe's head. She looks directly at the camera.

Zoe Robinson

Micro-resident as part of Watershed MyWorld Ideas programme.
Leila against a bright blue door, her face in the centre of the image, wearing a bright orange shirt, gold hoop earrings, and black kohl eyeliner. She has short dark hair, and is looking directly at the camera, holding up both of her hands in front of her face - one with her palm-side facing the camera and one with her front-side. Her thumbs are touching at the tips of her fingertips in the centre of the image, and her hands are covered in intricate deep orange henna designs that extend onto her wrists

Leila Gamaz

Untold stories, ritual & remembrance

Sarah Nicolls

Sarah Nicolls

the piano lady (inside-out piano, future piano)

Axenia Raulet

Axenia Raulet

Artist + Linguist

White man with light brown hair wearing a green hoody

Jack Lowe

Designing games and interactive narratives that engage with place

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Black and white picture of woman wearing black smiling at someone out of shot

Tomasin Cuthbert

Theatre, Augmented Reality and Co-Creation

Photo of Rachael, a white woman with dar blonde wavy hair. Rachael is wearing a green and white shirt and standing against a white background.

Rachael Burton

Producer and Project Manager

White Male in a white lace shirt presenting in front of a cinema screen.


Bold, Ambitious and innovative: Encouraging yes in a word of no.

A picture of a smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair and black glasses. The background is a still image of a forest from the animated Disney Film Sleeping Beauty.

Jacqueline Ristola

Researches platforms, animation, and queerness

Image placeholder

Tim Warin

Supporting the Undershed Development

Black woman, flattop afro, brown zip up top.

Mena Fombo

It's completely in your hands!

Mature woman, grey hair pulled off face with yellow and black scarf, wearing glasses, an egg-yolk yellow jacket, amber bead necklace over a black t-shirt.

Fanny Eaton-Hall

Fanny's fabrications, expression through textiles and threads.

East Asian female leaning against white wall under shades of trees

Kexin Liu

Artist & Designer

Portrait picture of a Jamaican/Scottish woman slightly smiling with bright red lipstick. Her black curly hair tied loosely back, her chin resting on her hand

Deanna Rodger

Poetry &

Lawottim is a black male in his early 30s wearing an orange hat and laughing for some reason.

Lawottim Anywar

Studio Coordinator