Annie sitting in the joey pod: a timber structure with LED lights.

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Annie Davies

Annie is a sensory design consultant, part 1 architect that specialises in computational design. Her work focuses on creating inclusive spaces for people who are neurodivergent.

Recently joined

Photo of Jim

Jim Bending

Creative Developer
an image of Harriet sat underneath her carefully crafted bunting in the Watershed

Harriet Taylor

Harriet has ten years of experience working in journalism, and is now working as a producer. She is the organiser of the Bristol Trans and Non-Binary Creatives, a dedicated cinephile, and is developing screenplay ideas.
A close-up of artist Sylvia Rimat in a forest, with the palm of one of her hands over one of her eyes, revealing a tattoe-like drawing of what could be a tree or a neuron.

Sylvia Rimat

Sylvia is a performance artist, producer, mother, lover & eco-system of micro-organisms. Her work manifests in studio shows, 1-2-1 performance, encounters in public space, site-specific work & recently an App.
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Annie sitting in the joey pod: a timber structure with LED lights.

Annie Davies

Sensory Design Consultant

A hairy man's head staring into the distance with blue sky behind

Oliver Humpage

Technologist & musician

Imagine of a Black man on stage performing. The background has a green light and he is wearing a black shirt with a wide-brim hat speaking into a microphone

Ifẹ G

Performer, Writer, Producer, Campaigner and Educator

A faded image of a black woman with silver earrings and in traditional Somali dress superimposed onto the entrance of a dark building looking out onto plants and trees.

Ayan Cilmi

Filmmaker, thinker, notetaker, and creative

white women with short brown hair. Wearing a denim shirt and multi-coloured necklace.

Emma Boulton

Producer, B+B C R+D

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Heather Gibson / HAG

Heather Gibson

Craftivist & Creative Producer

Headshot of Chi Thai

Chi Thai


A friendly looking white man smiles in front ofAn a colourful background. He has a brown/grey beard and glasses

Anders Morris Knight

Creative Consultant

Image of Shrouk El-Attar by Diego Maeso

Shrouk El-Attar

Engineer, belly dancer and refugee

Picture of Roxana Vilk

Roxana Vilk

Roxana is a singer, performer and filmmaker.

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Marcus Smith

Media / Creative

A person sitting at a gold desk in front of a gold and pink sunburst pattern. They are wearing a knitted pink mask with big google eyes, a pink wig, a pink kimono with gold obi, and one white cotton glove. Next to them is DoxBox, a hot pink robot on wheels with an animated face on a screen.

Alistair Gentry

Artist and writer, sometimes other things

An image of Liz's head and shoulders. She is a white woman and is smiling. She has long brown straight hair and is wearing a leopard print headband and a fuzzy purple jumper.

Liz Counsell

Watershed Interim Talent Development Producer

Malaika is a mixed race (Black African & White) woman in her late 20s. She has shoulder length dark, curly, afro hair with a fringe. She is wearing a green jumper dress with a fluffy black coat over the top. She smiles at the camera, with light red lipstick on.

Malaika Kegode

Writer, Performer & Producer

Black female with glasses, small hoop earrings wearing a black hoodie

Mercedes White

Lover, Fighter, Maker, Writer


Bernie Hodges

Voice artist / actor, audio & film producer

An image of Holly Thomas, a white women, wearing a striped blue and white t-shirt, with shoulder length hair, looking pensive into the distance.

Holly Thomas

Dance Artists

this image show scarlett smyth, wearing a green velvet dress, a woman, smiling into the camera.

Scarlett Smyth

Artist and creative producer

A 30-year-old woman with dark brown hair smiling and squinting, wearing a green shirt under a blue denim shirt

Sammy Jones

Freelance writer, editor and researcher

Photo of Danielle Rose, a white woman in her late thirties, strawberry blonde hair, blue grey eyes, smiling face

Danielle Rose

Network Producer

Marcin is a white, androgynous person with short blond hair. He is wearing black eyeliner, a ruffled dress and a chain with a padlock on his neck.

Marcin Gawin

Visual and performance artist

jade harris

Jade Harris

Studio Coordinator