Constance Fleuriot is an artist/writer/researcher interested in games, VR and creating storyworlds such as Shadowmaker (see PrettyDigital) and developing projects focused on women, games and technology - eg GrrrlGamesWomensTechHub~Bristol. She runs games design workshops and gamejams for all ages.

Constance was a founding member of the Pervasive Media Studio and also worked with Professor Jon Dovey at UWE's Digital Cultures Research Centre on an AHRC funded Knowledge Transfer Fellowship investigating the language, aesthetics and value of pervasive media. Their project aimed to capture the emerging practices of the collaborators in the Pervasive Media Studio network and culminated in spring 2012 with the Pervasive Media Cookbook, an online resource to help people get started with their own project ideas. 
A long time ago, back in the early days of handheld devices and clunky gps units, before wireless networks were everywhere in Bristol, Constance finished her PhD, worked at HPlabs and then as a Research Associate at Bristol University. She became a principal investigator on the Mobile Bristol Project investigating the social impact of emerging pervasive and mobile technologies. She also worked on the development of the Futurelab createascape website, a comprehensive and award-winning resource for pupils and teachers on how to use HPlabs mscape software in an educational setting.

With skills in user research, locative/pervasive media design and having worked with a variety of user communities, Constance still prefers projects that encourage people to move from consuming tech/games to being creative producers themselves. She runs Grrrl Games to encourage girls and women to get involved in making indie games and in 2018 led a games project about Suffragette History aimed at girls over 13 for Bristol Women's Voice.

In her personal projects Constance likes to explore and challenge people's assumptions, and how designer biases can be embedded in games, software and other technologies.

She was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts but is now a member of Bristol Games Hub and Bristol Girl Geek Dinners, as well as a co-founder of Women's Tech Hub.