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Pervasive Media Cookbook

Digital Cultures Research Centre

Want to cook up your own piece of pervasive media? Need inspiration? Take a look at our tasty collection to see what’s possible.

Pervasive Media Studio Cookbook

Pervasive Media Studio Cookbook

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Constance Fleuriot

Constance Fleuriot is an artist/writer/researcher/gamemaker creating gently subversive games projects and storyworlds as pretty digital, occasionally meandering on She also runs @grrrlgames

Jon Dovey

Jon has recently been appointed to the new Faculty of Creative Arts at University of the West of England with a view to raising the profile of media research there.

The Pervasive Media Cookbook is mix of practice, ideas and inspiration, that can be read ‘cover to cover’ or opened at any page. It introduces the emerging field of pervasive media in which context aware devices deliver ‘the right media in the right place at the right time.’

Written in non-specialist language, the cookbook is based around twelve case studies, our ‘recipes’, from tasty projects cooked up in the research kitchens of the Pervasive Media Studio Bristol U.K. The case studies are complemented by ‘essentials’; short essays covering themes in pervasive media to get students and young designers thinking, as well as a list of basic ingredients that can be used as a base for your own recipes.

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