Helen graduated from UWE in 2012 with a degree in Design: Materials, Process, Context. Her work combines an interest in data collection with a fascination for transient environmental phenomena. By harnessing the power and unpredictability of unseen atmospheric conditions in conjunction with technology, Helen aims to stimulate contemplative reconnections between environment and user, by bringing a sense of event and performance to the architecture of our cities. The idea of event specifically linked to space and time was explored further when, as part of the collaborative design team Bristol Studio BS5, Helen was shortlisted in 2012 to design a Monument to Freedom and Unity for the City of Leipzig, Germany. http://www.denkmaldialog-leipzig.de/en/start Helen joins the studio to embark on a graduate and new talent residency, supported by the Institute of Physics Publishing. During her residency, she will be exploring the upsurge in the availability of information on a global scale, seeking to give form to an aesthetically bereft mass of solar wind data, and exploring new approaches to science communication using creative technologies. www.helenwhitedesign.com

Helen is blogging throughout her residency, find out what she is up to and share your thoughts and ideas here.