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Tim Kindberg

matter II media

Tim Kindberg is a writer and digital creative.

Tim Kindberg

Tim Kindberg


People shown from the knee down standing on the floor of the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol.

Workshop: Mini Think! In/Visibility and the Internet

Mini Think was a game-based think tank that was developed for the production of Here We Grow (2018), a No Bindings publication commissioned by Bristol Ageing Better exploring who, and what, makes Bristol the kind of…


Vorb creates video communities around points of view they care about. Choose a hashtag, put out a call to action. Vorb makes a live interactive orb of the uploaded videos

Nth Screen

Tim Kindberg developed Nth Screen, an innovative video sharing platform which enables groups of people to film content at the same time on multiple camera phones and watch synchronised content across multiple mobiles.

My Big Break

"What shall I do? Angelina Jolie just offered me $10m to spike Jennifer Aniston's salad with nuts to set off her terrible allergy! Tell me what to do..."Rupert, a Hollywood wannabe, needs your advice. Can you help him achieve…


Krstl delivers content and experiences through engaging physical portals called crystals. Crystals can take many interactive physical forms and are embedded in retail, leisure and event spaces including shops, pubs, and…

Worked on

Layered Realities

Watershed and the Smart Internet Lab at the University of Bristol explored the potential of 5G through a series of experimental events - asking artists, researchers and creatives to produce bold new works in public space.
Crane Dance Bristol - Image by Jon Rowley

Crane Dance Bristol

A spectacular meeting of music, light and synchronised cranes, dancing across the skyline at night, devised and choreographed by Laura Kriefman

Tim Kindberg is a writer and digital creative. As principal at matter II media, he creates platforms and applications that foster new and inclusive forms of creativity, and enable us to make sustainable choices. He writes sceptically about major technologies including AI.

He is author of Vampires of Avonmouth, a gothic sci-fi novel set between West Africa and the West Country, about a struggle to regain humanity in a techno-dystopian future.

Tim is working on Sust, a platform for empowering consumers to shop sustainably based on research funded by the University of Bristol. He is co-founder of Grapevine with studio resident Lily Green of No Bindings: a content platform for writers, artists and audiences outside the mainstream. Recent artwork includes The Departed and City Psychiatrist. He is also creator of social video platforms Vorb and Nth Screen

He has several decades of experience in building novel platforms, starting from his work on cloud computing in the 1980s, before the web existed. He was visiting professor of Computer Science at ITU Copenhagen and the University of Bath. He was a senior researcher at HP Labs in Palo Alto and Bristol, senior lecturer in Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London, and principal software engineer at start-up Zebra Parallel. He is co-author of the textbook Distributed Systems - Concepts and Design. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Westminster and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

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