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Tom Metcalfe

Thomas Buchanan

Designer. Builds physical-digital products. Discovers and maps factories in Bristol and Bath. Runs an interaction design talk chapter. Tutors on an Experience Design MA.

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hotel housekeeper

Black Tonic

Black Tonic is a theatre thriller in a hotel.Mysterious & visceral.Interactive theatre meets mini-break as audiences play detective in the bedrooms & corridors of a real hotel.Birmingham | Bristol | BradfordSeptember…

Being There

Being There brings a group of brilliant creative practitioners, technologists and academics together to explore how cutting-edge robotics can enable people to participate in public space.

I'm a designer* whose work sits at the intersections of creativity, technology and business.

I strive to curate and create engaging and enjoyable experiences that utilise cutting edge technologies through an understanding of people and the way they experience their physical and digital worlds. I am a founder and director of a new innovation and product development company, Thomas Buchanan; I co-produce an interaction design talk series, This Happened Bristol; and I'm an Industry tutor for Hyper Island’s Digital Experience Design MA.

In addition to my project work, I deliver workshops, events and keynotes around the world on design and technology.

Previously, I was Senior Creative at Random International; Lead Designer at the Product Research Studio at the University of Dundee; and Producer of REACT Objects Sandbox. I am the co-founder of Fieldguide; a creative on the Being There: Humans and Robots in Public Spaces research project and a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio.

*Industrial, Product, Experience, Interaction, UX

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