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Victor Victoria

Victor Victoria

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We Are Here


Please note: This was screened in Nov 2019

Blake Edwards
Julie Andrews, James Garner, Robert Preston
128 mins, 1982, UK | USA
Primary language:
English | French

Gender-bending Julia Andrews dons a tux and a male alter ego to take the Parisian nightlife by storm in Blake Edward’s 1982 farce.

When English singer Victoria (Andrews) struggles to make ends meet in 1930s Paris, she finds a friend in a veteran gay cabaret performer Toddy (Robert Preston), who comes up with an elaborate plan to start a new career - she pretends to be a man, then establishes a new act as a female impersonator. The fake drag artist is soon the toast of the town, But keeping up the act gets even trickier when he/she catches the eye of a sexually confused gangster King Marchand (James Garner). Determined to prove he isn’t in love with another man, King’s investigation threatens Victoria and Toddy’s delicate scheme and could land them all in jail.

Packed with the standard sexuality farce fare, this fun musical comedy is a real hoot - one that manages to portray the characters as genuine people first and punchlines second, whilst even getting in some insightful points about gender identity and sexuality alongside its standout soundtrack.