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Panel Discussion: Exploring LGBT+ representation in film and entertainment
Image: Sex, Lies and Religion

Panel Discussion: Exploring LGBTQ+ representation in film and entertainment

We Are Here


Please note: This event took place in Nov 2019

60 mins

No more waiting in the wings. LGBTQ+ films are front and centre in our We Are Here season giving you the chance to see films that have flown under the radar as well as timeless classics that delve into LGBTQ+ spaces and lives as they are portrayed in films. With LGBTQ+ rights being debated in political stances across the globe, the season is the perfect platform to celebrate the everyday lives, the joy and the history of LGBTQ+ people around the world.

To accompany the films, in this panel discussion season curator Julia Ray is joined by Linda Devo of Bristol’s Kiki, Henry Poulter, a LGBTQ+ Youth worker with Off The Record and Lily Konteh, a local drag performer to explore LGBTQ+ representation and participation in film and entertainment, with special reflection on marginalised voices.