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The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert

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Please note: This was screened in Nov 2019

Stephan Elliott
Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, Terence Stamp
103 mins, 1994, Australia
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A pioneering LGBTQ+ gem, this funny, smart and intensely lovable road-trip comedy follows a trans woman and two drag queens as they kick up the dust in Australia’s outback.

Mitzi Del Bra, better known as “Tick” to his friends, lands a four-week gig performing a cabaret act at a remote hotel in Lasseters, Australia. After convincing his friends and fellow drag performers Bernadette Bassenger and Adam “Felicia Johnnygoodfellow” Whitley to join him at the performances, they set out across the Australian desert in an old camper lovingly dubbed ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’.

Following the three as they encounter surprising friends, homophobes, and fabulous costumes changes along the way, the movie gained international notoriety for its positive portrayals of the LGBTQ+ community in 1994. A road-trip comedy that lands a laugh as easily as it packs an emotional punch, "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” remains a cult classic 25 years after its smashing debut. Some acts just never lose their shine.

With an introduction by one of the UK’s premier professional drag queens, Crayola the Queen.

After the screening join us at 20:00 at The Queenshilling for our after party Cabaret Priscilla - an unapologetically loud and proud drag party hosted by Bristol’s very own Wig In A Box Promotions.