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Digital: Vigil

Mechanimal presents: Vigil


Streaming now on Vimeo

This show is available to stream on Vimeo. You can watch the content for free but are invited to pay what you can with all proceeds going directly towards Mechanimal and the creation of their new performance - Megalith.

Pervasive Media Studio resident Tom Bailey's company Mechanimal presents Vigil - a unique, one-man show, reframing our changing planet and exploring the ‘sixth mass extinction’ through original and engaging live performance.

This video-on-demand version is a digital edition of a full-length, award-winning stage performance. A collaboration between Mechanimal and Pound Arts, the performance was filmed on location in the South West in January 2021.

Vigil blends physical performance, poetry, sound design and projections by fellow Studio resident Tom Newell, part of Limbic Cinema to take us on a playful and poignant exploration of life in an age of extinction.

Bali Tiger. Dusky Seaside Sparrow. Cinnamon-coloured Cryptic Treehunter. Psychedelic Rock Gecko. Fire Millipede From Hell… One human encounters twenty-six thousand species from the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s ‘Red List’ within the space of an hour.

You are invited to wear headphones for the full audio experience, and a more intimate and personal connection to the piece and performance.


Vigil has the option for Subtitles.