Global Women’s Film Heritage Networking Lunch
Still from Door to the Sky, part of Cinema Rediscovered

Lunchtime Talk: Global Women’s Film Heritage Networking

Women’s Stories from the Global South (& To Whom They Belong)


Please note: This event took place in July 2022

Global Women’s Film Heritage project invites you to a networking lunch at Cinema Rediscovered. On Thursday 21 July, 12:30 – 1:30pm, we will hold an event focusing on women’s absences and presences in the global film archives. The focus will be on the work African and Arab, Latin American and Asian women have created and the way in which their inclusion in festivals, archives and scholarship can broaden and inform our understanding of feminist activist film from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

This is achance for those working in and interested in women’s film heritageto get together to talk about how we might make women and their films more visible presented by the team behind Global Women’s Heritage, Carmen Thompson and Dr Stefanie Van de Peer (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.) Speakers will include Sarah Maldoror’s daughter Annouchka De Andrade, Liz Chege (Africa in Motion Director),Mosa Mpetha (Black Cinema Project & Hyde Park Picture House) andDr Dora Latiri from Brighton University, a specialist in Tunisian archival work.

FREE vegetarian lunch is included as part of your ticket with thanks to Bristol UNESCO City of Film.

About Global Women’s Film Heritage:

The Global Women’s Film Heritage project aims to establish an international network of scholars working on decentring feminist film history, and to do so by countering White feminist film history’s continued neglect of filmmakers from the Global South. Hoping to give shape to fuller configurations of the internationalist feminist movement, we look at the cinema of the Non-Aligned Movement, highlight historically transnational networks and reactivate past alliances.

With this project we want to make more visible the role of women and their films in the global film archives. Bringing together disparate efforts to safeguard individual corpuses of film cultures and heritage, the researchers in this network envisage increased collaboration across borders. Better awareness of presences, absences, practices and methodologies will enable new collaborations between partners across borders.


  • Liz Chege is director of Africa in Motion film festival. She will speak to the inclusion of archival women’s films in a film festival, and on negotiating accessibility for wider audiences.
  • Annouchka de Andrade, film researcher, restorer and daughter of filmmaker Sara Maldoror. She is also screenwriter, producer and distributor with 25 years of experience in the film industry.
  • Dr Dora Latiriis a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton, and a specialist in Tunisian and Arab cultural identities. Here, she will discuss her own archival work as a photographer and the absences and presences of women in Arab archives.
  • Mosa Mpetha, who - with Samra Mayanja - set up Black Cinema Project in 2020 to develop a group of exclusively black people (online) who watch and discuss Black archive films. She will discuss issues around the visibility and accessibility of Black and African archival cinema.
  • Carmen Thompson, freelance programmer, curator and creative producer.

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