The Joker

The Joker

classified 12A S

Bristol UNESCO City of Film


Please note: This was screened in July 2022

Georg Jacoby
Henry Edwards, Miles Mander, Elga Brink, Renée Héribel
101 mins, Subtitled, 1928, Denmark,Germany
Primary language

Set on the stunning French Riviera during the height of Nice’s world famous carnival, Georg Jacoby’s The Joker is a highly entertaining thrilling ride starring Weston-super-Mare's Henry Edwards as the charismatic ‘joker’. 

Edwards takes on the crooked and despicable lawyer, turned blackmailer Borwick, played by another great British film actor of the era Miles Mander. What takes place is a rollercoaster of chases, shoot outs and back handing, all set within smoke-filled Côte d’Azur casinos and spectacular carnival set pieces. If you ever wanted to see a 1920s equivalent of a James Bond film; this could well be it.

Unseen for 90 years this newly restored print by the Danish Film Institute, The Joker is a real feast for the eyes.