A Moving Image

A Moving Image

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Please note: This was screened in July 2018

Shola Amoo
Tanya Fear, Hussina Raja, Aki Omoshaybi |
74 mins, 2016, UK

This energetic feature debut from Nigerian-British filmmaker Shola Amoo follows Nina (Tanya Fear), a young artist returning home to her community in Brixton after living in East London. Stepping back into the community as a relative outsider, the shock of gentrification is twofold: both the place and the insider turned outsider’s relationship to it are irrevocably changed. In the liminal space between the Nina and Amoo lies the crux of an artist’s struggle to reconcile the complicity of their actions.

Asking us to consider the role that art plays in social trauma and examining his own identity, Amoo takes us on a journey through reality and fiction, where culture and opinions mix and mingle, creating a colourful social portrait of both place and community.

This award-winning multimedia film was recently selected for preservation by the BFI and marks an important addition to a growing picture of contemporary British filmmaking