Right Here Right Now – Archiving For the Future
Still from A Moving Image

Right Here Right Now – Archiving For the Future

Reframing the Archives


Please note: This event took place in July 2018

Get insights from leading practitioners at archives from across the globe and closer to home as they present one of the last objects they acquired. Find out what the motivations were for choosing a particular film or item and what the implications of their decision might be for the archive of the future. What will it take to preserve or restore it? Why do they think it is important for it to be available to people now and in the future? And what do these stories tell us of about the contemporary state and future potential of archives and their collective role in creating a shared social narrative and cultural memory of the world?

Guests include Will Massa, Curator of contemporary fiction film at BFI National Archive, who will discuss why Shola Amoo’s A Moving Image was recently selected for preservation by the BFI National Archive, and will be joined by guests including Jilly Payne (Programmes Director, SWFTA), Dr. Phil Wickham (Curator at The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum), Tom Vincent (Archivist, Aardman Animation), Zoe Viney (Film Archive Officer, Wessex Film & Sound Archive.)

Shola Amoo’s A Moving Image screens on Sat 28 July at 16:00.