The Murder of Mr Devil

The Murder of Mr Devil

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Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance


Please note: This was screened in July 2019

Ester Krumbachová
Jiřina Bohdalová Vladimír Mensík
72 mins, Subtitled, 1970, Czech Republic
Primary language

The only directorial feature in her vast filmography, Ester Krumbachová was a costume designer and screenwriter who worked most famously with Czechislovak New Wave greats Vera Chytilová and Jan Nemec.

Released the same year as Chytilová's Fruit of Paradise, and as an unofficial sequel to Daisies, The Murder of Mr Devil is another outrageous and acerbic tale of provocative moral anarchy.

Transposed from the wider social codes of dating and fine dining shown in Daises, this story is set solely in the domestic space. Our nameless protagonist is a lonely woman who dreams of marriage. After receiving a surprise phone call from an old friend, whose name means 'Devil', her hopes for domestic bliss soar. But, the two don't date in a usual way. Instead of sex and romance, her gentleman caller has a voracious appetite for... food. Guilty of gluttony, Mr Devil indulges his excessive desire until our unwitting heroine rethinks the gendered power dynamics at play.