A Lost World Made New: Victorian Cinema in VR

A Lost World Made New: Victorian Cinema in VR

Cinema Innovators


Fri 26 July 13:30

Waterside 2, Watershed

The bold experimenters at the dawn of the moving-picture revolution were quick to explore the possibilities of the medium and capture the Victorian world on film. In a unique partnership, the BFI National Film Archive has collaborated with Bristol-based design and graphics company BDH to represent Victorian filmmakers' early experiments with the medium through the new form of VR. The process of digitising and scanning the images brings the viewer into a new exciting relationship with the films and indeed the past.

BFI silent film curator Bryony Dixon is joined by BDH's John Durrant for a show and tell about the context of the original works, the motivation for wanting to revisit these works in VR and the process of digitisation.