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Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance


Please note: This was screened in July 2019

Brian Yuzna
Billy Warlock, Devin DeVasquez, Evan Richards, Ben Meyerson
99 mins, 1989, USA

From Brian Yuzna, the filmmaker behind Re-Animator, comes yet another gross out B-movie, but this time it's dripping with salty satire. Shelved for three years after its debut on the festival circuit, first at Cannes, the film finally gained a US theatrical release in 1992.

It certainly shocked some viewers, with reviewers calling it "extremely pretentious" and "obnoxious" (Variety), and warning, "No one who sees the last half-hour of this movie will ever forget it - though quite a few may want to." (Los Angeles Times).

Clawing at the upper classes for their affluence and air of superiority, Yuzna presents middle class California as a slick veneer covering up something sick and rotten - and our protagonist, privileged but out of place teen Bill Whitney (Billy Warlock), is about to find out just what that is. Having never felt quite like he fits in with his family's social class, Bill attends his sister's coming out party only to open the door to the true, grotesque face of society around him. Open the door if you dare.