Still from First Reformed, directed by Paul Schraeder

Paul Schraeder's First Reformed – one of the films discussed in July's Cinema Podcast

Monthly podcast with upcoming Watershed highlights

July 2018 Cinema Podcast

This month's cinema podcast focusses on four highlights for July; two new films that explore religion – one a faith testing thriller and the other a rare insight into the complex nature of faith, family, duty and love; a completely absorbing slow cinema documentary that touches on universal questions through the minutiae of the New York Public Library, and a heartbreaking yet charming story of a mother and daughter who struggle to escape bullies.

Plus Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove and Cinema Producer Tara Judah round up their quick picks of the month – from Queer Vision to Cinema Rediscovered, with a side order of iconic martial artist and cultural innovator Bruce Lee.

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June 2018 Cinema Podcast

Cinema Producer Tara Judah and Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove discuss some of their June highlights in cinema at Watershed.

Their picks include a film on the early life of a serial killer that they initially wondered why anyone would want to watch, a reissued classic that is still the only film by a female director to have won the Palme d'Or and a 200 year celebration of an archetypal monster.

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