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Still from Utoya – one of the films discussed in October's Cinema Podcast

Still from Utoya – one of the films discussed in October's Cinema Podcast

Monthly cinema podcast with upcoming Watershed highlights

October 2018 Cinema Podcast

Watershed's Cinema Podcast for October highlights two films that are trying to make sense of Europe's recent past, but in very different ways.

Mark Cosgrove (Watershed Cinema Curator) and Tara Judah (Watershed Cinema Producer) focus on new film Utøya – a Norwegian, real-time recreation of the horrific attack by armed right-wing extremist Anders Breivik on 500 teenagers at a summer camp, that ultimately left 69 people dead. Mark and Tara discuss when is the right time for a film like this, how the film came to be and the role of film as a collective remembering.

They also talk about Dogman, a dark and sometimes humorous depiction of a contemporary Italian community on the margins, which questions what it means to be Italian today. Further highlights include two more films that loosely sit within an ongoing women on film theme – Voyageuse and Make Me Up. The former offers a beautiful and poetic look at one woman's history and the latter a candied coloured artistry that picks apart contemporary feminism and art history. And finally look out for an event that explores Nicolas Cage and wonders how he succeeds in both the world of high octane action and art cinema.

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September 2018 Cinema Podcast

Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove and Cinema Producer Tara Judah share their highlights and must see films this September at Watershed.

They discuss the absorbing and sometimes confounding blurring of fact and fiction in three fantastic new films - The Rider, Skate Kitchen and Matangi/Maya/MIA. Enfant terrible and arch provocateur Gaspar Noe's new film Climax takes Mark completely by surprise, despite his low expectations, whilst Tara continues to revel in the singular vision of Agnes Varda's new film Faces Places, in which Varda embarks on a road trip like no other, to examine what it takes to make a meaningful piece of art.

A season of films – Working Class Heroes – still provides much food for thought 50 years after their original release, with some of the most dynamic, subversive and radical films you could hope to see. And finally there is Pawel Pawlikowski's extraordinary Cold War which Mark and Tara already predict will be one of the films of the year, if not the decade.

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