Environmental Sustainability

Artists Ella Good and Nikki Kent in orange space suits, from Building a Martian House

Environmental Sustainability

At Watershed we are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and ensuring that environmental sustainability is a strategic priority.

Our Climate Emergency declaration acknowledges the climate breakdown, sets out the action we will take and we hope inspires our audiences, partners and collaborators to join us.

Building a Martian House by artists Ella Good and Nikki Kent.
Credit: Robert Keller, Satori Photos

Culture Declares Climate & Ecological Emergency logo

Watershed Declares Climate Emergency

Watershed stands side by side with cultural organisations to declare a climate emergency and pledges to take action.

This means we recognise environmental breakdown, based on scientific evidence, and believe in the power of culture to inspire, educate, inform and advocate for change.

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Environmental Policy

Icebergs in a lake

Our environmental policy sets out the areas of focus where we believe we can make an impact on environmental sustainability.

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Actions to date

Our ongoing actions and achievements are co-ordinated by our Environmental Sustainability Group.

This group has been active for the last 5 years and, as well as working across the organisation to develop our environmental policies and promote a sustainable approach across our buildings, it has delivered specific actions with impact.

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Image of Watershed's last brochure

Cover image from Watershed's last printed brochure, April 2013