Watershed 40 1982-2022 "Firing up the imagination"

Watershed 40 - a year of togetherness

Posted on Wed 18 May

How Watershed is marking 40 years since it opened its doors as the UK's first Media Centre.

In June 2022 Watershed will mark 40 years since we opened the doors as the UK’s First Media Centre.  

Watershed is a cultural organisation focussed on togetherness. In a world facing profound change, we believe in the power of coming together: to share, disagree, love and change. We have designed our 40th year programme as an invite Watershed’s audiences, artists and supporters - to join us in an exploration of our relevance, vision and values.

What does this mean? Our programme for the year features:

  • Behind the scenes work with our teams to refresh our mission and purpose and explore how we can take a more active role in the changes we believe that society needs to address issues like the climate crisis and social inequality 
  • Some visual changes in our public spaces to dust off some nostalgia and showcase what we do 
  • A celebration on 8 June with a guest list drawn from our community with an invitation to be together
  • New toilets! to ensure an inclusive welcome is front and centre in our building
  • Conflict cafe - how do we best design spaces to listen and disagree?
  • An autumn assembly - with regular attenders and those who don't come, to re-set our values together.  

We will share more detail and invitations to get involved as we get nearer each event. If you have any questions or would like to propose some programme, please get in touch!