Creative Producers Lagos Lab

Posted on Wed 12 May 2021

A 5 day online lab supporting and developing a network of Lagos-based producers working across theatre, film, festivals, visual art, radio, design and fashion.

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Other Animals
Length: 1m 39s
Watershed/MAYK 2020 Winter Residency Robbie Thomson talks about his series of public interventions which use soft robotic sculptures to raise awareness of local ecological issues and the wider climate crisis.
Building a Martian House
Length: 2m 12s
Watershed/MAYK 2020 Winter Residency artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent on their project to Build a Martian House.
Length: 2m 19s
Watershed/MAYK 2020 Winter Residency sound artist Xavier Velastín on his human-computer duet about the noise in the oceans.
Network for Creative Enterprise
Length: 13m 11s
What we do
A partnership which offered business support for creative individuals and small companies to develop a creative idea into an economically sustainable business.
Welcome to the Pervasive Media Studio
Length: 3m 30s
Want to be inspired, take a break, and learn more about brilliant projects and people working with creative technology? Maybe you want to know what creative technology even is exactly? Visit the Pervasive Media Studio and find out more!
Layered Reality 5G weekend: an introduction
Length: 2m 18s
A short film introducing the Layered Reality 5G weekend: the first urban testbed for public users.
Studio Mural Timelapse
Length: 1m
A time lapse video of a new mural being installed in Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, 2017
Playable City showreel
Length: 1m 58s
Playable City puts people and play at the heart of the future city, re-using city infrastructure and re-appropriating smart city technologies to create connections – person to person, person to city.