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BFI Film Academy Bristol

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A free development programme for 16-19 year olds with a flair for filmmaking. The course covered everything from storyboarding, shooting and editing to showcasing their work on the big screen at Watershed.

Young filmmakers today face a huge number of hurdles. Finding out how the film industry works is very difficult - what roles are involved and where should you start? With the rise in cost of professional, digital filmmaking equipment, hands-on experience is also hard to find.

The BFI Film Academy aims to bridge this gap and provide enthusiastic young people with the information and skills required to make a career in film. The academy helped young people find their place – whether as a sound engineer, animator, director, producer, programmer, journalist or anything in between.

In this collection you'll find the mini-documentaries made by the participants during their time at Watershed. They each pitched their ideas, then seperated into groups to work on the four pitches selected. The resulting documentaries were all shot, edited and premiered as part of the Film Academy programme.

The 2015 programme saw Watershed's latest cohort transform the Café/Bar into a Neo-Tokyo after party following a screening of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. The night featured a Retro '80s games arcade, a graffiti wall where we asked the audience and local artists to imagine their future and a soundtrack by DJ Typesun who curated a dystopian set specially for the occasion. Watch this short film about their event to find out more. The group also made four short documentary films about issues that interested them, which were then shared via Rife Magazine.

As part of the 2014 programme participants worked to create an event around a screening of Lost in Translation, creating One Night in Tokyo, a fantastic themed party in the Watershed Café/bar incorporating karaoke, a photo booth and lots of pink wigs! In this collection you'll find a short behind the scenes documentary about the night.

As part of the 2013 course the group were also challenged to create a film-based night, aimed at a younger audience, for Watershed's Filmic 2013 festival. They screened Tron (1982) and organised a Man vs. Machine themed afterparty in Watershed's Café/bar. This collection features a short documentary about the night, including footage of the event and interviews with the guests and organisers. In Reflections on the Programme you can find out about the value of being part of the BFI Film Academy programme.

All participants keep a communal blog about their experiences during the programme. 

Watershed is one of twenty four delivery partners appointed by the BFI to deliver these academies across the UK. Watershed partnered with Bristol Old Vic Theatre School who supported their own group of academy students.

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