Media Sandbox 2009

Published on Tue 1 Dec 2009

Making space for great ideas - a report which showcases the unique results of this cutting-edge R&D scheme. This publication captures the first two years of Media Sandbox and celebrates the 12 brilliant companies who participated in the scheme. Find out more about Media Sandbox.If you would prefer to read a hard copy of this publication please email us with your full name and address and we will post you a copy.

Bristol Filmmakers Win First Light Award

Posted on Tue 15 March 2011

 Producing the Future

Published on Mon 19 July 2010

Understanding Watershed’s Role in Ecosystems of Cultural InnovationA case study of Watershed produced by International Futures Forum with an introduction from Watershed’s Managing Director Dick Penny and John Knell, the Intelligence Agency.

 Theatre Sandbox 2010: You\'re So Happy I Want To Die

Posted on Wed 1 Nov 2017

Tin Bath used sound and motion sensors to develop a captioning system that responds to performance in real time.

 Route Irish: Ken Loach Q&A

Posted on Thu 10 Aug 2017

Director Ken Loach and actor Mark Womack answered questions about the film, the Iraq war, and WikiLeaks.

Director Ken Loach to visit Watershed

Posted on Wed 2 March 2011

Enjoying the Watershed Experience

Posted on Mon 28 Feb 2011

If you're one of our regular visitors you will have been enjoying the Watershed experience with an increasingly diverse range of people. We're an open and diverse venue with a broad artistic programme that engages with cultures both locally and globally - everyone is welcome and we're proud to see you all come through our doors or visit us online. We'd like to maintain the high quality of experience at Watershed for everyone and to achieve this we need your help.

 Media Sandbox 2010: I Heart My City

Posted on Fri 27 Oct 2017

An online map which shows how council spending improves the quality of life for the people of Bristol.

 Beyond The Box Office Panel

Posted on Thu 10 Aug 2017

A live event recording in which a panel of experts discuss the impact of film on identity, culture, and surroundings.

Thinking About the Future

Posted on Tue 1 Feb 2011

Bristol's international reputation as a creative, innovative, unorthodox city is growing and this helps Watershed to connect more widely with all our audiences, artists and partners.