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Electric Pavilion

Project Ended in September 2005

An online collection from 2005 that presents Bristol’s artistic talent in, amongst other things, music, photography, illustration and fine art.


Project Ended in September 2005

This unique research project gave animators access to HP Labs’ shared processing resource for CG rendering to produce 3D shorts.

Mobile Bristol

Project Ended in August 2005

Mobile Bristol was a 2002 DTI funded programme set up to explore the uses and potential of mobile technologies.

I Can Read You

Project Ended in August 2005

An artwork, experiment and game using barcodes and mobile phones run by artist Simon Poulter, HP Labs and Watershed.

The Emergent City

Project Ended in August 2005

An exploration of the developing artistic practice of Stanza, recipient of the 5th Clark Bursary UK Digital Art Award.

Dug Out

Project Ended in June 2005

A website that celebrates the past and future of Bristol’s musical cultural life.

Come Closer

Project Ended in June 2005

Created by Squidsoup Come Closer is an infinite virtual landscape, using stereoscopic vision, that explores the relationship between sound and visuals.

Local Attractions

Project Ended in June 2005

Photography exploring Bristol as a place and the people who live there that richly reflect the city’s own unique identity.

mr_hopkinson's online interactive video sample orchestra

Project Ended in June 2005

An interactive sound work in which you can trigger a curious cacophony of surreal sound and moving mayhem with your mouse

90 Second Challenge 2005

Project Ended in June 2005

Over 140 films made by people from across Bristol, the site also includes a range of resources for aspiring filmmakers.

Digitised: Communities Online

Project Ended in December 2004

An early digital engagement project (2003/4) that extended Watershed’s work with sections of the community without access to digital technology.